PYTHA Library Grass V23a_7003 Nova Pro Scala

PYTHA Library Grass V23a_7003 Nova Pro Scala


This PYTHA 3D CAD library contains replaceable drawer parts from the Grass Nova Pro Scala series.

These are commonly used items that you can drag and drop into your own projects. They are fully customisable and you'll be piecing your projects together in no time.

This library includes ‘My Holes’ for use with PYTHA ‘Workshop’. All items are supplied in PYTHA file format (.pyo). Library files are compatible with version 23 and 22. 



  • Drawer H63
  • Drawer H90
  • Drawer H122
  • Drawer H186
  • F8 Inset Panels
  • Grass Nova Pro Full Extension 40-70kg
  • Grass Nova Pro Rectangular Railing & Divider Rail
  • Grass Nova Pro Scala Frame Drawer Crystal Plus H140
  • Grass Nova Pro Scala Pot Drawer Crystal H94
  • Grass Pot Drawer H90 Rectangular Railing
  • Grass Pot Drawer H90 Rectangular Railing & Front Support

        [Total folder files = x 11] 


All items are supplied in PYTHA file format (.pyo )


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