PYTHA Essentials Online Training - Part 1

PYTHA Essentials Online Training - Part 1

New to PYTHA 3D CAD?

This training course is for you: discover the essentials in navigating the PYTHA screen, using the mouse and manipulating basic shapes. Modules include:

  • Start up and Installation of your purchased software*
  • PYTHA Interface
  • Manipulating Objects
  • Drawing in PYTHA

We've broken the basics in to bite size chunks to get you on your way to becoming a PYTHA pro!

*This tutorial requires that you have a valid PYTHA software licence.


Course duration: 74:38

We recommend 3-4 hours to view the course modules, answer the knowledge check questions and practice the exercises, but you don't have to do this all at once. For the best comprehension, we recommend moving through the course one module at a time. You can watch the training clips as many times as you like (between your registration and the 45 day expiry period).

Happy learning!


When you purchase a training course, you will receive an automated email directing you to log in to our dedicated online learning management system. Simply follow the prompts to complete your training.

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